One Day Pass

Work anytime from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Come in, find an open spot have some coffee, work, network, and leave with a great feeling of accomplishment.

If it’s your first time your pass is on us.

First Visit

Ten Visit Pass

We get it: you’re not ready for an unlimited membership.

Whether you’re not ready for the commitment, or you travel a lot for business and will only use 8 passes per month, You can still join the club.

  • Work with no commitment
  • Purchase 10 passes, and get $25 off
  • You have 6 months to use your 10 passes


Open Hours Pass

Treat the place like it’s your place.
(well maybe a little cleaner)
Come down anytime the doors are open and get some work done.

Open Hours CoWorking Membership:
Unlimited Use Between 7AM and 7PM for one month.

Per Month

Un Limited

You’re an independent worker and you love the crew at [insert favorite coffee shop name] but realistically, the music is predictable and it’s just not the ideal environment to be productive.

We’ll give you extended access, better seats, better view, better WiFi, free coffee, white boards, and potential to network with our other members.

Per Month

Team Membership

Whether you have the Robin to your Batman, the Fantastic Four or the whole Justice League, we’re pleased to announce everyone will fit here.

The amenities are available, we have conference rooms of all sizes and can accommodate your entire team (plus, your growing clientele).

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